Synthetic Log Siding Is A Great Choice

If it is no problem to spend money on the exterior of your house then genuine wood can be a great choice. However, for many people, there are budget constraints and if this is the case one of the best choices you can make is to consider synthetic log siding as a way of finding a protective layer that does not cost a huge amount of money. Fake log siding comes in many different styles, and this article will take a look at some of the various choices that can be made.

One of the more popular choices is vinyl log cabin siding, since the log look adds a really rustic feel to your property which many people really like. Among the choices is cedar log siding, a manufactured type which can look great for the home, especially if you live in a rural environment since it will fit in well with the natural surroundings. Although replica log siding may not be as protective as something such as genuine wood, it will do a pretty good job if you buy something of a high quality, something which can be researched from some of the various log siding dealers you can find online.

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Take a look at cedar quarter log siding from the Log Home Shoppe, available in hand-hewn siding or as a smooth texture siding. Pieces are 8 foot long with tongue & groove fixtures and coordinating 3 x 4 "D" trim for trimming around windows and doors. These are sold in 62.5 square foot packages and in cedar or pine.

If you want extra protection then steel log siding can be a great choice, an artificial siding type that usually needs to be installed by a professional contractor. It can also be an idea to look at cement siding for greater protection, which again would be more expensive and would need to be installed properly due to the weight. Cement and fiber siding styles can be an excellent choice for environments which suffer from harsh winters.

But for most people wood siding is the preferred choice, a style which can include pine, cypress, and cedar, giving a wide range of choice at various prices. There is also the antique look to be considered if that is your style, something which can be especially attractive when you buy hand hewn cedar logs, particularly in a small diameter. As can be seen, the wide range of siding options makes it possible to find something to suit any style, since synthetic log siding is available in many different materials and costs. Do your research to make sure you find something that fits in with your style and your budget.

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